Carkeek 12-Hour

The 8th annual Carkeek 12-Hour Run will be November 1st, 2014. [Hope you'll join us!]

Many thanks to all of you who chose to close out your 2013 season with 12 hours on the Sound!

While it was touch and go for a minute there, thanks to some seriously fantastic! people (Glenn TachiyamaLouie TrailPugMatt HagenRainshadow RunningMiddle Of Nowhere TrailrunnersTmberFuel 100 Electro-BitesSahale SnacksJoel ReeseElizabeth Reese, to name a few) Carkeek was a joyous success in 2013.  A further testament to the spirit of this running community: the windstorm that left large chunks of Seattle without power may have destroyed all three tents, but everyone running ran until at least noon, and everyone finished their day in high spirits.

We’re still quite confident the 2014 edition will be even better. We’ll both be there from 6AM – 6PM SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 1ST with endless cheer and endless (candy, yes! and) tasty ultra fare. Come run some gorgeous laps underneath some gorgeous fall canopies! Or just come drink copious amounts of coffee with us!

More details, ahoy!

Registration’s now open (click the link to go register!), and know this: In addition to the previously offered 12-hour run, we’re adding a 6-hour run for those intrigued by the loop course and the great community, but not yet ready for the commitment of twelve hours on the Sound.  That race will start at noon, for those wanting to sleep in (though, if you’re a morning person, we can work with that, too).  This is a race full of causes: the causes we support, the stairs that will cause you suffering, and the beauty that’ll cause you smiles.  Come join us!

As in past years, all extra registration proceeds will be donated to local charities/non-profits, as will any other donations runners, family, and/or friends may wish to make.

With gorgeous views of the sound, varied terrain (rolling trails, steep stairs, a section or two that might generously be called “flat”), and a festive atmosphere – not to mention the costume contest (just wear your costume for at least one loop) – we think this is a race you’ll just keeping coming back to – one lap at a time.

Can’t wait to see you there!

questions? comments? favorite candy? we’re all ears: 

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